Original Oat Milk
Original Oat Milk

Original Oat Milk

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Our signature blend of oat milk is creamy, silky smooth. It's great to drink on it's own or to add in smoothies, overnight oats, or your morning bowl of cereal.

At this time Blue Crate is accepting orders of oat milk for delivery in Washington, DC.

(If you are a commercial establishment in DC, check out how to get Blue Crate into your store or cafe).

How It Works:

1) Choose your milk and how much you want

2) Proceed to checkout and pick your delivery day

3) On your scheduled delivery day, we'll let you know when your milk has been dropped off 

4) Hang on to your bottle and bag -- when you are running low simply place a new order on bluecratemilk.com. If you have empty bottles to return simply enter the number of bottles you will be returning in the discount bar during checkout.

5) Don't forget to leave your empty bottles outside your front door for your next delivery day