Our Story

Who says you can't make friends online? We did!

We connected on Instagram through the zero waste community, a group of people trying to minimize the amount of downstream waste they produce.

One day, we finally met in person and over a cup of coffee we realized we had a lot more in common than just wanting to save the whales and being able to fit a month's worth of trash in a jar. We both loved politics, traveling, food and wanted to be business-owners.

Entrepreneurs that inspire social change.

We also realized that we both made our own oat milk and used it in coffee and cooking and how we thought others should, too.

​ And thus, Blue Crate was born!

Kristy Halderman

After her doctor told her that she needed to lower her cholesterol or be forced to take medication, Kristy decided to change her diet.  She began reading about all the nutritious properties of oats, but since she wasn't a fan of oatmeal, she turned to oat milk and loved it!  The creamy texture and rich taste made it a great addition to everything from coffee to pasta sauces which isn't always the case with dairy-alternatives.  Wanting to share this wonderfully delicious and nutritious beverage with others while running a company that focused on zero waste and sustainable practices is her main drive behind co-founding Blue Crate!

Amanda Claypool

In 2013, Amanda won a scholarship to study Arabic in Jordan.  It was here that she learned about the zero waste movement and about oat milk after not being fond of shelf stable dairy abroad.  When she moved to Washington, DC, she decided she wanted to live zero waste—or as close to zero waste as possible. Blue Crate's minimal waste mission combines Amanda's passion for food with her desire to be the change she wants to see in the world.