Our Story

Hey there! Amanda and Kristy here. In 2017 we connected on Instagram through our shared desire to live a zero waste life - or as close to one as possible.

One day we got a cup of coffee in person and realized we wanted to do more. If you've followed the development of the zero waste movement over the course of the last few years you know it is encapsulated by pictures of individuals cramming a month's worth of trash in a jar. We decided that what you throw away matters, but what you buy and how it is made matters even more.

Businesses create a lot of trash, particularly in the food industry. According to Paul Hawken's seminal work, Drawdown, reducing food waste is the #3 solution proposed to mitigate carbon emissions. While consumers throw away a lot of food, even more is thrown away during the production of that food--think vegetable peels, solid byproducts, and of course, packaging. All these things are inadvertently sent to the landfill, increasing the amount of carbon -- and methane -- released into our atmosphere.

We want Blue Crate to be a business that changes this. We don't just want to say we are environmentally friendly; we want to be the most environmentally conscious company we can be. With your help we can do this. Together.