Our Oat Milk

Our signature blend of oat milk is exceptionally creamy and silky smooth. It's great to drink on it's own or to add in smoothies, overnight oats, or your morning bowl of cereal.

What makes Blue Crate Oat Milk different? It's made fresh using minimum packaging. Other non-dairy milks are packaged in shelf-stable packaging spend months sitting in a warehouse before coming to sit on the shelf of your neighborhood grocery store.                                 

And while those shelf-stable milks appear to be sustainable, all of them are lined with plastic and most of those cartons can't be recycled.

Our glass bottled oat milk allows us to create a non-dairy alternative that is

⧫ Fresh

⧫ Minimally packaged

⧫ Less processed

Check out our stockists to find delicious Blue Crate Oat Milk in a store near you. (Are you a commercial establishment in DC? Ask us how to get Blue Crate into your store or cafe).