How It Works

Thank you for choosing Blue Crate! We're absoatlutely delighted to share our love of oats with you. 

We are excited to be able to deliver fresh oat milk straight to your door in the District of Columbia. 

First, choose your milk

We deliver our Sweetened or Unsweetened oat milk in 32 ounce quarts. Simply choose your milk and the amount you would like delivered.

Then, choose your delivery time

You read that right, we're bringing our milk straight to your doorstep (or apartment concierge desk). Place your order by Monday and we will have it delivered fresh to your doorstep early Thursday morning. This ensures you have fresh oat milk in time to make your morning smoothie.

Finally, place your order

Complete the checkout process and you're done! We'll prepare your order and have it ready for your requested delivery day.

...and the bottles?

Glass isn't recycled as much as we would like to think. To avoid sending perfectly good glass to the landfill, we would love to refill Blue Crate bottles as many times as we can. Return your empty bottles with your next order by including the number of bottles you are returning in the discount bar at checkout. Leave them on your doorstep and we'll pick them up and replace them with freshly filled bottles.