Why oat milk?

Oats are heart healthy, anti-inflammatory, use less water to produce than nuts, and have a creamier texture than the majority of plant based milk alternatives. Oat milk tastes great and reminds us of dairy milk--oats are clearly the winner.

Why do you package in glass bottles?

Making consumer packaged foods more zero waste is why we got into the oat milk business in the first place. Most plant based milk alternatives are packaged in plastic or multi-component Tetrapak boxes that aren't reliably recycled. As a result, most of the packaging that comes from food winds up in the landfill.

Glass, on the other hand, stands the test of time. Amanda's dad still brews iced tea in a glass milk bottle that his mother had in her pantry during the 1960s. Glass is safer to package in because it is not lined with BPA, a harmful substance that is found in a lot of consumer packaged foods. Finally, at Blue Crate, we believe in transparency. Literally. We want you to see what you're consuming.

Do you take back empty glass bottles?

Yes! We sure do. Actually, we really want our empty glass bottles from you! Simply place your empty bottles (that you have rinsed out please) in your Blue Crate bag and leave it out on your front step/with your front desk clerk. We'll swap it out with fresh oat milk. 

Is Blue Crate Oat Milk Gluten-Free?

While the oats used in Blue Crate Oat Milk are naturally free of gluten, there is a small risk of cross-contamination with other gluten-containing ingredients. As such, we cannot guarantee that our product is 100% free of all gluten.


 How long will my oat milk last?

Treat Blue Crate Oat Milk like you would anything you buy from the refrigerated section of the grocery store--use within 5-7 days after opening for the best taste. 

Unopened, Blue Crate Oat Milk has a shelf life of 10 week.s

Do you pasteurize your oat milk?

Yes we do. We use a process known as 'Gourmet Pasteurization' which is the minimum threshold required to kill bacteria.

Do I need to keep Blue Crate Oat Milk refrigerated?

Yes. Unrefrigerated non-dairy milks should scare you. They certainly scare us!

What is xanthan gum?

Xanthan gum is a naturally occurring byproduct of bacterial fermentation that is added to a lot of plant based foods to increase solubility and stability. It simply helps balance the distribution of water molecules with oat particles. 

Do you ship?

At the moment, we only do local oat milk deliveries in the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. We do, however, ship our merch anywhere in the U.S.

When will you be available in my city?

We can't wait to share our oat milk with you! Feel free to drop us a line to let us know where we should go to next.