The climate picture is even bleaker than we thought

 While most of us were recovering from Thanksgiving Day food comas, the U.S. government quietly dropped a bombshell climate study. It’s not a surprise to many of us that the outlook is quite dire.

In over 1,600 pages of research, citations, and pleas to course correct, the study implores us that this is no longer an environmental problem. It’s becoming an economic one too. With as much as 10 percent of the United States’ GDP at stake, changing how we use resources will quite literally shape the future many of us will retire into.

It will also come as little surprise that the same climate study correlates the wildfires currently blazing through California with an increase in extreme drought conditions there. Some of the drought conditions are brought on by increasing temperatures coupled with lower rates of precipitation. And some of the drought conditions are the result of overwhelming agricultural demands on California’s limited water resources.

Almonds, for example are a notoriously water intensive crop. One almond requires over a gallon of water to produce. Almond production--and skyrocketing demand for almond milk--is literally leaving California high and dry.

Our choices at the grocery store are as much to blame for imperiling the Earth as massive fossil fuel producers and large carbon-emitting corporations.

This is why we started Blue Crate. We wanted to create something that enables consumers to make a choice for good. To choose a product made from a more sustainable crop, in more suitable parts of the country, and in packaging that can be used over and over again.

Next time you pop into the grocery store take a pause and look around. Look at what you’re buying. Look at where it’s produced. Look at how it’s packaged. Empower yourself with the realization that everything you purchase is a vote--a vote for a better future or a vote for a reckoning with the collision course we’re current on.