Don't Forget to Voat

Puns aside, tomorrow is a pretty important day for the Blue Crate family. Every couple years we have the extraordinary opportunity to make our voices heard by going to the polls and voting for the individuals we think best represent us. And don't think we're just talking about the big national races you've heard about on the news. Your local council woman or school board member needs your vote too.

As a women-owned business, we vote because we need strong advocates in all levels of government. Because so few women own businesses, we don't always have a seat at the table to make important decisions. The rules of business are written by men, for men. At Blue Crate, we hope to change that.

As a small business, we vote because we recognize that not all advocates of small businesses actually implement legislation that benefits small businesses. It's hard to get a business off the ground. There's a lot of rules that need to be followed, licenses that need to be obtained, and at every part of the process, there's a fee. Many small businesses need capital to grow but have limited access to the funds they need to do so. It's important that the people who represent us aren't just using their positions of power to protect big business.

As a zero waste company, we cannot stress the importance of bringing environmental stewards into all levels of government. Your local county executive or council member can change how trash is collected and recycling is processed. They can implement community composting programs or create incentives that divert waste from landfills. A lot of simple changes like this don't lie with federal agencies or state senators--they lie with your local government.

All of this doesn't really matter, though, unless we vote. Tomorrow, don't let someone else's vote speak for yours. Vote.